Corporate department

Corporate Department comprises of a number of highly qualified law professionals with an exceptional background and expertise in various fields of legal services.
The Corporate Department provide a timely and effective legal service in relation to business and commercial law, including M&A’s, Banking, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, PPP Projects, Corporate Restructuring and Commercial Agencies.
Furthermore, the Corporate Department is specialized in Energy, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Construction Projects, Industrial projects and equipped with sufficienttechnical and legal knowledge to give our clients a premium service whilst being able to meet the challenging time frame and technical prerequisites related to these projects.
Through ourCorporate Department, the Firm developed a strong presence and large local as well as international clientele base; the Corporate Departmenthas represented our clients in numerous negotiations, either to conclude a business transaction or to successfully avoid it escalating to a third party ruling.
It is worth mentioning that the Corporate Department is recognized with drafting contracts, in both Arabic and English languages, which are tailored with respect to our various client needs .

Corporate Procedures and Government Affairs Department

The Firm understands what a business needs and that being able to react swiftly and timely create or enhance any corporate framework is a key-quality to a successful legal practice.Hence the Corporate Procedeure and Government Affairs Department includes the Firm’s experts with the necessary toolsto implementwell thought strategies and solutions.
The Firm has a leading role in incorporatingcompanies pursuantto the Egyptian law, and provides our clients with the necessary legal services required for incorporatingand restructuring companies, e.g. joint stock company, limited liability company. This includes but is not limited to drafting the article of association,draftingcompanies BOD, OGM and EOGM,and representing our clients before all governmental authorities and non-governmental, including social insurance offices, tax departments, chamber of commerce, GAFI, IDA and EFSA.

Litigation and Arbitration Department

Our Arbitration,Litigation and Amicable Dispute Resolution (ADR) Department comprises of a number of highly qualified litigators who have won and continue to win major disputes and complex litigation cases for multinational corporations and local clients alike. The expertise, knowledge and experience that the Arbitration, Litigation and Amicable DisputeResolutions teams possess, allows us to represent our clients before all levels of the Egyptian Courtsin fields such as corporate, commercial, labour and administrive cases.
The Firm promotes the amicable settlement of business dispute, and is highly valued in its role in overcoming differences between business partners and avoiding prolonged and possibly costly litigation procedures.