Companies and Procedural Matters

Incorporating companies (joint stock, limited liability, partnership, and limited partnership, etc,,).  Conducting other related corporate procedural services (i.e. drafting and registration of bi-lingual BOD, GSM, etc…);

Executing sale of shares, mergers, swapping and restructuring procedures, before competent authorities.


Drafting of services agreements, joint venture agreements, finance agreements, hotel management, concessions, license, construction, lease, manufacturing, sales of shares agreements, supply agreements and employment agreements,

Drafting project finance agreements, concession agreements (including BOT, BOO), PPP agreements and related facility and direct agreements.

In-house Legal Counsel

The Firm provides highly experienced-based lawyers to be located at our client’s premises for providing responsive legal services and managing on-going legal matters provided by other lawyers within the Firm and other departments at client’s companies. 

The Firm believes in teamwork, so all legal services are handled through two or more specialized lawyers in order to assure quality and adequacy of provided legal services.

Legal Analysis

Providing legal opinions on a wide-range of company matters, including international trade contracts and disputes, construction, IT, IP and advising on documents for establishing companies branches, subsidiaries or international corporate structures,

Providing legal advices for tax, social insurance and other procedural (licenses, authorization, visas) matters,

Providing advices, revising and drafting of all documents, related to BOT, BOO, and other concession matters.

Legal Translation (Bilingual: Arabic & English)

Providing accurate, reliable and certified translation to our clients in bi-lingual forms (English and Arabic);

Arbitration and Litigation

Handling cases before all courts in Egypt including, courts of cassation, administration, international courts and economic courts.

Handling commercial arbitration (in constructions, hotel management, aviation, oil & gas, etc.)

Due Diligence

Restructuring of companies to eliminate legal risks, tax burden and ensure best legal structure for our client’s group of companies,

Preparing and revising tender documents and related offers to ensure conformity with applicable laws and regulations,

Drafting legal due diligence reports