Companies and Procedural Matters

Arbitration and Litigation

  • Incorporating companies (joint stock, limited liability, partnership, limited partnership, etc.)
  • Conducting other related corporate procedural services (e.g. drafting and registration of bilingual BOD, GSM, etc.)
  • Executing sales of shares, mergers, swapping and restructuring procedures, etc. before competent authorities
  • Handling cases before all courts in Egypt including: courts of cassation, administration, international courts, and economic courts
  • Handling commercial arbitration (e.g. in construction, hotel management, aviation, oil and gas, etc.)



  • Drafting of service agreements, joint venture agreements, finance agreements, hotel management, concessions, licenses, construction, leases, manufacturing, sales of shares agreements, supply agreements, and employment agreements.
  • Drafting of finance agreements, concession agreements (including BOT, BOO), PPP agreements and related facility and direct agreements.
  • Restructuring of companies to eliminate legal risks and tax burdens, and ensure the best legal structure for the client’s group of companies
  • Preparing and revising tender documents and related offers to ensure conformity with applicable laws and regulations
  • Drafting due diligence reports



  • Tahoun provides highly experienced lawyers to work on-site for clients in order to provide responsive legal services and manage ongoing legal matters.
  • Our Firm believes in the power of collaboration, so all legal services are handled by teams of two or more specialized lawyers in order to ensure the highest quality counsel.
  • TAHOUN has its logistics experts working closely together to provide consistent service in all areas of customs services as part of our innovative solutions for our clients.



  •  Providing legal opinions on a wide range of company matters, including international trade contracts and disputes, constructions, IT, IP, and documents for establishing company branches, subsidiaries, or international corporate structures
  • Providing legal advice for tax, social insurance, and other procedural matters (e.g. licenses, authorizations, visas, etc.)
  • Providing accurate, reliable, and certified translations to our clients in bilingual forms (Arabic & English)