The Firm

The Firm was established in 1990 as a high quality Law Firm specializing in various litigation and arbitration matters. In 2009 , the Firm was restructured with a new vision of providing premium quality legal services to a broad base of multinational and regional clients.
As we quickly approach towardsa new decade the firm looks to go beyond opening doors, by working alongside our clients to help navigate challenging markets, solve problems and implement strategies to manage risk.
These standards are seen in the many successfully completed projects, major transactions, mergers and acquisitions executed in Egypt on behalf of sellers or buyers, as well as negotiating major concession contracts ( BOT, BOO, or PPP ) on behalf of the Egyptian Government or the private sector. The Firm has also successfullyreached settlements of major disputes between investors and government, as well as acting as a deal maker between different market players reachingagreements that left both sides in a win-win situation.
The Firm is proud to have won various awards in Legal Services provision such as “Awarded the best Oiland Gas Firm in Egypt for the Year 2014“ by “Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine” and the “Full Service Law Firm of the Year in Egypt“ by “Corporate International Magazine”.

Our Mission

To provide superior quality client services through, responsive consulting solutions, exceptional legal services, as well as a modern instantaneous solution to on the spot contract problems through the Smart Consultancy application.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The success of our business is measured by more than financial performance. For us, the social and environmental impact of our global operations is equally important.
Tahoun is committed to innovation and high quality service and we have pledged to:Continuously develop our workplace for the benefit of all of our peoplepositively impact the communities in which we work and live,implement sustainable growth through responsible and innovative business practices; and promote conservation and reduce our impact on natural resources